Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Is This My Life? (NEW YORK)

What happened to us? We became old and we became the people we swore we'd never be.

We judged each other. We looked at each other with conservative eyes in a liberal world. We sold ourselves short of who we really could be. We gave in to perceptions and we lived up to every deception.

We fudged the vote.

Somedays, I think I should have grown up in NYC. I could have tracked with Hollywood celebs and famous comics. But instead, I'm here in Canada - in the nation's capital. The sad city.

Don't get me wrong - I wouldn't trade a moment of my life. I am truly grateful for every pixelated morsel.

I remember days and hours of praying on horsefly mountain.

I remember friends that have gone by the wayside, and who have disappeared into the ether.

But were they really friends or just people I knew for a while?

I remember love...and a love lost. But I am still here.

Waxing. Waning. With a heart for the stars while most others are happy with the sullen green grass under their feet.

When I was a child, I wanted everything. And I figured I could have it. But now, I am a withered man of dried up expectations and 'would-have-could-have' knowledge.

But as an adult, I worry about poverty. I worry about sexuality. I worry about lonely nights.

Poverty is a luxury of the living.

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