Monday, August 13, 2012

What you can't understand

Beauty. It enraptures. It captures. It takes a snap shot of such vivid colour that the processors of our mind have no choice but to pixelate it and make it black and white just to understand it.

We are fools in the face of a higher intelligence.

Most of the time, when honest-to-goodness beauty and truth and overwhelming exuberance-based epiphany comes, our minds cannot handle it.

The speed is just too quick. We try to speak when something truly awe-inspiring and majestic sweeps across the treetops within the forests of our minds, but we cannot. Words come out like a foreign language from a distant alien planet that spins thousands of light years away.

When we are presented with the real, we can't handle it.

We don't know what to do with it.

'Figure out what you don't understand - a billion leaves fly when the wind blows your mind'.

We try to tell others and even document the experience with the use of a pen and a yellow legal pad, in a sweaty Hoboken apartment of the consciousness, but the cat on the fire escape distracts us.

We are victims to the sway of the breeze.

When your mind is truly blown, and when the trumpets have allegedly struck their triumphant vibration of shrill sound, we are dumbstruck.

We try to move, but we are in mud. We try to make sense of it, but our brains are soup.

When beauty truly shows up in a real and unexplainable format, we are helpless - like we are in a dream when you try to talk and only gibberish comes out or no sound at all.

Don't fight it. Let it work. Let it root.

Let it grow. Let the wind get knocked out of you.

Look at the stars after you fall on your ass.

You will breathe again, very shortly.

You might even like the way you are when beauty hits you in the gut.

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