Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Bright Bay Moon

Soon enough, the winter will be here.

These charms of summer, though bright and tantalizing, will fade in the haze of a dying heatwave.

Rivers will dry up. Lakes will freeze.

Seasons pass. Moments fade. Chances die.

For the first time since I've lived in Barry's Bay, I had the chance to drive up at night. All of my other drives, to date, have involved hard, calculating daylight and a race against the clock on an early monday morning.

Tonight, though, I took my time. I swam through the Canadian shield and tall pines. I felt the wind pull me. I evaded dead raccoons.

I thought about a lot of things.

Sometimes, even though a moment may be captivating, it passes. We see a portrait and it strikes the eye and it stirs up something within us. Our soul lights up. We dance and sing with inspiration.

Down the road, however, we may see that same portrait and feel no connection. Experiences have accrued. Winds have changed their timbre. Thoughts become more focused and sobering.

We dig for that connection but it is gone, as fast as the seasons change. The once lush soil becomes a frozen wasteland.

I long for Reason. I long to make the right decision and to weigh everything before taking a step. And although the angels may come to earth for a moment and remind us of the ethereal plane, we are still here - we are still mortal.

The moon is shining into my window, tonight. It is pure and unadulterated. It is cascading from another dimension.

It's helping me to know that it will all work out exactly the way it needs to.

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