Monday, July 23, 2012

Adventurous Angels: Why do they come?

Recently, and more than ever in my life, I've been having visitations.
Ethereal figures.
Angelic figures have been coming down from the heavens and pouring light into my life.

I don't know why and I don't know how, but lately, they've been pouring out of the woodwork to speak truth and light into my life - almost calmly whispering into my sleeping ear to say that everything will be alright.

But in the same motion, ripple effects are being felt elsewhere. The presence of these angels has attracted attention. It hasn't just been a dockside lake wave - It has been a noticeable ocean current.

I know that the effects of these creatures will be substantial to everything I know and have known. I know, more than I've ever known, that they are real people. They are touchable. Tangible. Visceral.

They do exist.

And so, I ride the tide in the wake of joy and pain and anguish that they are creating. I look back and wonder if some of the casualties will ever be healed - or if they'll ever be in my line of sight.

There are a few that I would miss. One that would be extremely painful. One that would fuck up a lot of foundational merit of this life.

For so long, while being restrained, I dreamed of being free. I dreamed of running where I could not run. I longed to swim to the deepest depths where I was free from the shore-dwelling onlookers.

I wished to be free.

I wished to be me.

I think I'm finally becoming that - thanks to some long overdue adventurous angels who are ready to ride rough-shod with me through the rugged foothills of this life.

Maybe I am a fool. Maybe I've made mistakes. And maybe I still will.

But maybe I can inspire - and I can be inspired. By the Paradox. By the dawn. By the manifold witness and genesis of nature in all of its glory.

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