Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ushering In The Spring

There are rows and rows of things to come. Nothing in this life is certain. All we have is a raveled up mystery - and we do the best we can with the knowledge and time that we have.

Tomorrow, I'm starting a new venture. This whole year away has led up to this - internship. Placement. Connecting with the job world. CBC. Real world Journalism. No more bullshit.

This is the big time.

Tonight, I stepped out on to my parent's back deck. This house is vacant. It was the place where I grew up and yet I feel so distant from it. I try to connect with the bricks and the mortar and the trusses, but I can't. The spring, it seems, is here. At a balmy 12 degrees today, I drove to the grocery store and saw my brother there. I couldn't see him in the sunspots. I had on a vest and a short sleeve t-shirt - and I was almost too warm.

I lit a mini-cigar and took a swig of scotch. Yeah - I have to get up early, but I don't care. This life is all about routine and getting up early. We need to break the routine.

I have the house to myself this week and Sarah is away in Jamaiica. I have time to recollect but I'll be busy as a bee.

I recently connected with an old, teenage friend who has been a good friend to me for many years. I am continually reminded that the friends who want to dig deep with me and be in my life are the ones who show up - bottom line.

The weather reminds me that new things are afoot. Soon enough, all of this crusty, brown/white Ottawa snow will be melted and in the sewers - and people will have to deal with all of the garbage buried underneath.

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