Thursday, March 01, 2012

Slay The Anger Dragon

Sometimes it comes out - this spiteful and unsightly beast that tries, with all of its might, to get the better of me and turn my view to a downward gaze of seeing red and taking revenge.

It can be righteous - but most of the time, it is just unfounded at every turn. It burrows its way in behind the framework of my thoughts and takes up arms. It tries to trick me into thinking it's pure - it turns a disagreement between two friends into a slanderous rage.

It is an energy waster and a user of resources.

We think we are so justified when we get angry. We think our opinions are from the heavens and that our status-structure of other people is properly balanced.

But it's not a fleeting thought or a quick blast - it begins to take over our thought process and influences our actions.

The scars we carry with us tend to turn inward, after a while, forming callous scabs on the insides of our beings.

We must cleanse. We must get it out.

We must confess.

The beast will always be the beast - that is its nature. It will exist and writhe in fiery pits of fear and it will do its best to encapsulate our energy.

But that doesn't mean it can't be slain. That doesn't mean that we cannot, armed with the arrows of honesty and the swords of peace, sever it out at the knees.

We may chase it a long, long way - we but must slay it. 

Or, in the end, it will slay us.

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