Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Godliness of Guttural Laughs

Get out your favourite comedy - maybe even the one that you hide from your kids.

Watch it.



When we lose sight of everything childlike - everything that sparks that sense of wonder and rejeuvenation and joy within us - well, then we've lost it all. The goofy sensation that overcomes us when we really laugh, and lose the sense of worry that comes with feeling guilty or watched by others, is something not of this world.

It cannot be. I don't buy it.

The serious vultures of somber reality swoon and spiral above the stratosphere. We avoid them and don't look up, but we know that they are there. Flying. Shadowing. Lurking.

Bills mount. Obstacles stack. Smiles turn into half-forced grins.

We are sucked in by the sorcery of the serious world.

Why can't you tell people that they're beautiful? When did we get so ashamed about being publicly uplifting?

Truth is a laser beam. It strikes light and heat all in a nanosecond, and it is there without warning.

I don't think that if anyone is truly laughing at something, and laughing with all of their being and feeling a sense of bewilderment and uncontrollable reckless abandon, that they should be made to feel guilty about that action.

That quiver. That body shake.

That laugh.

There's an inspiration that comes like a shock of cold water on your cortex. You open your eyes for the first time, the scales come off and you see how we are really meant to live. And the tears come without warning - in a hot stream of conscious sobriety.
When you write your friend and ask 'What do you think it would be like to live inside of a candy cane?' just to get a golden, dumbfounded response and a returned laugh...
I think it's all worth it.

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