Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Computer Of Deep Thought

I've got a lot of thinking to do, these days. Scenarios and situations seem to be happening so quick - too quick - and beyond my control. I play a part. I fill a role. I shift my shape. I chameleonize.

But I can't continue on in that way.

I know that there is life to be lived - and good life, at that - just beyond the horizon. But I also know that there will be some hardships ahead. I hate talking in generalities but in a way, it's sort of comforting. Tolkein always told Lewis 'You're being too literal!' - I will always be more of a Tolkein.

The holidays are here and I'm in Port Hope. Thinking. Waiting. Trusting. Planning. Meditating.

Family will soon surround everything. Meaning will rise out of small conversations around the dining room table. We'll go the malls, and we'll hate it, but we'll secretly love it, too. It is those visits and those spiced coffees and those first world problems that make life cinematic.

I think life is cinematic. I really do.

Stick with me, pals. I'll figure this shit out.

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