Friday, January 07, 2011

Press Record

If you don't catch the double meaning there, there is not much I can
do to help you.

Friday was a manic day that started with Reh the drummer driving
through a Montreal snowstorm to make it to Ottawa. So a day that
was supposed to start at 9 began just after 10 am. Typical start for
Reh and I. Our big plans of punctual meetings always get dashed
on the 417 somewhere between Ottawa and Montreal (I'm blaming
Vankleek Hill).

We laid down bed tracks for another 3 songs that will be part of a
new sonic rock album coming out WAY down the road. As of now,
we have 7 songs with drums, acoustic and electric done. Another
session of that and we will be ready to lay down 4 or 5 more and
then get to the vocals. Dean was accommodating and hilarious as
usual and we slipped over the Oak for a few Creemores in for a
dinner break.

Whatever turn my life takes, I know that music needs to - nay -
MUST be a part of it. It is a life-giving force. It is a frustration. It
is an inspiration and a motivation. It is depressing. It is uplifting.

It is so many damned good things.

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