Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Crappy Canada Day
It's over. Another year of too many people in the streets of
the nation's capital, passing out, puking in garbage cans
and taking off their puke-covered clothes. I had to work
tonight so I actually missed most of the action but when
I came out on to Elgin Street after my shift, the hoards
were gathered watching the fireworks above parliament.

One thing I noticed about these fireworks (that everyone
goes ape about) is that they are not really all that exciting -
IF you are sober.

A friend called me after my shift and asked if I wanted to
meet him at a pub on Elgin but in a tired and unenthused
state, I thought 'everywhere on Elgin will be packed - and
I have a car with me and won't be able to find a spot' so
I declined. What a buzzkill.

In fact, Sarah and I came home and watched a re-run of
Just Shoot Me online.

Hooray for Canada Day.

Last night was a great set at The Rainbow (especially
considering our regular drummer was replaced by one
of our guitarists Paul) and a good time was had. We
could have used more practice and a better sound guy
but people had good things to say.

On to the next one.

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