Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Last night, after a grueling softball practice in the city (if grueling
means 'laid back and fun'), I busted out to the country. Driving
through the summer, country night roads of Lanark County
and the Ottawa valley is an experience that has always given
me a bit of a natural high. There is something about the
darkness of county roads at nightfall that lets me feel serene -

I drove through the SF (Smith's Falls to you non-lingo types)
at about 11 pm. Highway 15 swerved and curved through the
sleepy, seemingly empty town. The traffic lights worked but
it seemed like an uninhabited village. I could almost hear
the click of the lights as they changed from red to green. I
bolstered through the SF and pressed on to meet my friend
Scott at his cottage for a late night rendezvous.

I made it to his cottage at about 11:20 and stepped out of
my grass-embanked vehicle to be met with one of the fullest,
starriest skies I've seen in eons. A few yards up from the
car, there was a fire roaring and a familiar face there to
meet me. Scott informed me that due to a long day, he had
already 'passed out' three times while sitting by the fire.
The hot burn of freshly cut elm cracked and shot sparks
about. I sat in a chair, with a frosty beverage in my hand,
beside Scott and we chatted. Mostly, though, we both just
stared into the fire and reclined and stared into the sky.
Scott passed out a few more times...but I was just happy
to be there. I can vividly remember staring into the hot
coals...thinking of nearly nothing...and just taking in the

Before we packed it in at about 2 am, I stepped back from
the fire and could see a massive star (most likely a planet)
glimmering off the surface of the lake. A coyote howled
somewhere miles across the bay. I took a deep breath
and sucked in the fiery, summery air.

It's now 8:44 am and I left the cottage at 6 this morning
to get my car back for my mom. I had to get this written.

There is a deep communion that happens with me during
certain seasons in the right outdoor setting. Like Joel
Plaskett said 'I am not one to be wowed by nature, but
when I's big time'.

Thank You for always showing up.

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