Thursday, August 24, 2006

Down The RabbitHole

I sit here, in a slew of chaotic business robotics and meaningless antics, with
corporate lackies foaming at the mouth at the next consumerist-capitalist
target they can milk from emerging conglomerate companies that 'claim' they
want premium customer service but really want to give opportunity for their
spoiled, blue-collar whiners to have a soapbox on which to spout their stories
of sadness and woe while third world countries struggle for clean breathing
air and drinking water...and all the while, I'm smiling internally, knowing that
a sea of tranquility is a quiet wanderer down a back country
road in the friscillating dusklight, slowly approaching, but nearing nonetheless.

This tranquility and peace comes from a place that some people refer to as
fake and surreal while others have described and experienced it as being
'actually' magical - not a magic cheaply shown by persons who pull rabbits
from hats but a magic that is real - a magic that runs as deep as the stories of
C. S. Lewis and Tolkein, hinting at that indescribable something that guides,
protects and desires to know us intimately. Everyone has arrived at where they
are, on a spiritual plane, through many venues. For me, I have found God
there, time and time again. It's as if the actual land has a glowing source just
beneath the grass that is detected but never seen. My feet feel light - my head
less heavy. The cold and technical superficial din of the world is drowned out
and two things become expemlified - nature and people.

But the greatest thing is that once people are removed from the drone and
placed into this setting, it exposes the core. For some, this process is negative
and they never want to return. For others, they feel no 'core' or 'magic' essence
and see it as a place of games and trickery and leave feeling betrayed. And
yet, for others, the magic is found and does not stay there - it sticks to their
feet and shoes and clothes and when they leave, it comes with them. It may
not be as evident as it is while you are there, as the glowing and the
supernaturality of the land is missed, but the magic manifests in a different
way on the outside.It becomes less airy - more hard and fastened to your
memories and bones, giving strength to unseen places. And those who know it
and taste it are addicted in a way that is sometimes incomprehensible. It leaks
on to others - some are scared, frightened and yet some are attracted.

Wherever you can find those places in life, I urge you, brothers and sisters,
to go there. You may not be able to stay long but the visit will always help you
on the long, long road of this life. I'm going, and I hope to be more alive upon
my return, for this world wears me down. So, as I look back upon the path that
I have already burned through this field, I say that these little stops along
the way make the journey all that much more worthwhile.

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