Monday, July 17, 2006

Turn Off The Sun
(July Swelter)

The Halfway Point of July seems to a mark of extreme heat and
sweltering. There are heat warnings everywhere, in all regions of
Ontario. But actually, in walking to work this morning, between 9:30
and 10 am, and walking at a leisurely pace, I found it quite
pleasureable. So many of us spend large amounts of cash to get
somewhere with this kind of heat and now, thanks to Mister Warming
(first name Global), we have it. The only tropical setting missing is
ocean, palm trees and beach, but those things are seriously overrated.
Coconuts falling can cause serious head injuries and beaches only
ever leave you with sand in crevaces of your body that you never
knew existed.
I'm trying to stay positive, and just live life for all it's worth. Another

week of work is launched and another weekend passed me by. Sarah
and I had a great time doing NOTHING (all previous plans were cancelled)
but playing Carcassone, going to MEC to buy rocks so sarah can start
her indoor climbing wall, drinking a few beers, having some fruity summer
wines, tandim crosswords, and that was about it. We have to move from
our current establishment soon, which will be a bit of an effort, but not
that much of one because we are only moving a few hundred feet from
our current apartment. Still, lugging furniture would suck serious ass
on a day like today, no matter HOW far you'd be carrying it.
Picked up the new Coupland book 'J-Pod' - it proves to be a grabber and

already, from the first few lines, I was laughing to myself in the commonality
of a phrase from work being used in the book when a programmer asks
a co-worker for help - 'Don't ask me. Just google it.' Ah, geeks. I yearn to
be a better one.
Oh, check out some new reviews at
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