Monday, June 19, 2006

A Need for More Meat

This is my second post in the same day, but I feel
the first one was weak and needing some more meat
and potatoes so I'm back for another kick at the
proverbial can, if you will. I was going to demolish the
first post but I see that Charnman (the blog lurker) has
posted a comment so I have to leave it there for dexterity
and so as not to spoil his hippocratic oath.
Mike, you ARE about to rock, and I salute you.

Working for the weekend (2 year anniversary)

Sarah and I got away this past weekend, in a way
we hadn't in a while - we went to a town that is not
either of our parents' and stayed somewhere that
is not either of their houses. Though we both had
crappy sleeps, Port Hope was a grand junction and
just a great getaway spot. If any of you's are thinking
about getting away somewhere I highly recommend
the Lantern Inn as a spot to lay your head. We drank
wine on our terrace and went for drinks where Sarah
got a drink called 'After the Storm (which should have
just been called 'The Storm') which was a splash of
Blue Caracao and Champagne and a BUCKET of Vodka -
the next night we both ate a GARGANTUAN slab of
prime rib (plus another 4 beers which gave me unholy
indigestion through the night) and just spent much time
walking around the picturesque riverside town, looking
in antiques stores and overpriced clothing stores. I almost
bought anold Harmony electric (that looked exactly like a Strat)
but I'm glad I didn't because you exchanges
no refunds. Yesterday wasn't as fun because we
spent alot of it doing laundry, and then getting back
to St. Kits mega-late, only to have the breeze get
hotter as we drove further south. Friggin golden
horseshoe. Now it's back to reality and the money
grind. Oh well. Ya do the humpty-hump.

Things to look forward to

1. The Oilers Winning the Cup - it will happen, and even
if it doesn't, they've come a long way and give hope
to any underdog in this life.
2.Broken Social Scene et al next weekend with
Sarah and friends - I think you can still get tickets
at and if you miss this show, you
are losing out on living.
3. Canada Day -all of you posers, make your way
to Kingston for a serious bash and a possible 3 piece
Graven concert.
4. Staff Training and Ignition at Iawah - summer camping
is a passion of mine and to be able to do it for fun, for
a week or so in the summer, is fuel for my tank.

C'est ca pour aujourd'hui mes amis. Au revoirs.

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