Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Time Flyer

Time is a sped past car window. I can't get a grasp on it. It's sand in my fingers. My days are full and I can barely keep up. Sleep beckons. Caffeine stimulates. I get behind the wheel and hop between country towns and paying jobs. Music plays. 

I'm happy but I'm wistful. I miss the past but I yearn for the future. I think a lot about those who are gone and the changes relationships of the ones who are still here. The years augment the faces of the ones we used to take comfort in. 

I'm moving to a new stage and I'm happy to see how that's taking shape. New angels and aliens have come down from up high. I get tired of being the listener and so I'm moving into a new role as the doer. Skip on across the memory pond. 

Take stock. Be you. Venture forth. 

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