Saturday, May 16, 2015

Seaside Soul

This world is a strange place. Bells. Whistles. Pops. Buzzes. Art. Business. Odd, enchanting seaside towns. Friendly people. Lurkers. Starers.

Lost loves. Reconnections. Joys. Sorrows.

If anything, touring gives you a deepened perspective about the circus-like quality of life. The good. The bad. The heartbreak ride. The fear. The whimsy of all of it.

It's fleeting and you can never rest truthfully until you give yourself to the whirlwind. It's scary as hell, but it's worth it.

Leaving Port Alberni today after playing a lowly attended but beautiful sounding show last night at Chars Landing.

Amanda has joined the tour for a few days. The energy level has been great, but I am starting to get a bit needy/wanty of my bed in Ottawa. I know I will probably feel like the kid in Almost Famous - longing for his bed. Disheveled. Worn.

But all in a good and completing way.

Be in it. Wherever you are.

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