Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Revelstoke Residency

Beautiful little town. The characters and creatures are culminating from the cracks of this country.

I have had no time to blog. I've been on highways carved out of cut rock and shale, and I've been a passenger on a big Blue Butte (2006 Buick Allure). Bobbing. Weaving. Winding. Thinking.

I've needed space. I've laughed. I've found new love and rekindled old friend fires. I've written new songs.

I've lived it.

And I'm here and fully in it.

Tonight, I will play a show with Ali McCormick at the Last Drop - the second night of our Revelstoke residency. Tomorrow, I will hit the coast to see some familiar old faces and play a few more shows.

At times, it's all too much.

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