Friday, May 01, 2015

Salty Sault

Sault Ste Marie. What a town. Full of character and a different uniqueness than Sudbury or any of its other northern neighbours. We played to a fairly empty room and then we were rewarded by four nice dudes who pulled their chairs right up close and listened to us. And intently. A Norwegian dude named Justice gave us $100 in U.S. funds for gas money. A friendly man (and our sound guy) named George put us up for the night in one of the most pristine living quarters I've ever been in. Spotless. Black, red and pure stone themed. All of his appliances are black. He even had a urinal in his washroom. A fucking urinal. And it was also black. George is my new hero. He bought us a few beers from the venue and then brought back some homemade pizzas from Loplops (made by the owner Steve's wife). They were scrumptious. We ate and drank in his immaculate kitchen and talked about life. It was a good night. Off to Thunder Bay. Waiting on an oil change. 

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