Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Saddle Baggin'

I've been saddle-baggin'. Ridin' through dusty trails of T4's, donation receipts, coffee machines, half-drunk curdled cream cups, ripped adding machine tapes, busted paper clips and 9+ hour days.

I'm pushin' it hard, but I feel alright. My step is in pace with the action. My Horse carries me forth. Shows. Late nights. Phone calls. Preparation. Endless fucking preparation. Runs in the dark in my neighbourhood. Last night, a cat climbed on the hood of an old red Honda Civic on my street and locked eyes with me as I ran. He was a white/orange half-fluffy cat. He looked quite puzzled at my activity. On a night where the sleepy burb-dwellers around me were all slumbering, this cat studied my strange movement actions. I stared him down through my sweat, and I pushed on.

Black Eye from Uncle Tupelo is playing on repeat in my head. Some beautiful songs from those fellers. I need to make some mixes for my upcoming west-Can tour.

We get power from people. In today's breakneck world, no one wants to let themselves be affected by the words of another. You get that shirky, half-cocky response of 'I know' - instead of a 'Wow! I never thought about that!' The truth is you didn't know, so stop acting like a know-it-all dick. Everyone is their own dark, conniving genius and no one lets the light of other people in.

Let yourself be affected. You do not know it all - trust me. Let the rush of anxiety and worry be a motivator. When your heart beats a bit faster, feel it. Don't wish it away. Let it wash over you. I'll try to do the same.

We only get so many steps and beats.

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