Friday, March 06, 2015

6th Of March

Sometimes in life, you get stuck. You need some help to get going. You can spin your wheels and make the dirt and snow fly as much as you want, but you just ain't movin'.

The above photo was taken at Otter Lake. Joel got stuck in his driveway (of all places) and had to get a tow from his uncle. A 2X4 versus a 4X4 - which one do you think won the battle? Before his uncle showed, Joel and I tried many a method to free the red beast. We tried wood planks. Digging. Salt. Carpets. Nothing happened. Wheels spun. Ice formed. Ruts deepened.

With a little help from a friend, he was out in seconds.

There's a valid point, there. Today, I met with someone to discuss a situation that had been built up. It seemed like nothing was being made out of something, and of course, in the modern age of text messages and emails and toneless words, things were misinterpreted. Thoughts fumed and plumed. We met over coffee and addressed the things that needed addressing. What could have been weeks and months of fuming was quashed in a moment of caffeine and face to face.

Never mistake the fake for the real. Ever.

Crush that shit. Phone a friend.

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