Saturday, February 28, 2015


It's okay to walk alone. So many voices surround us and tell us that we need to constantly feed our social machines, and be in the warm, smiley space of the other.

But sometimes, you need to plum the depths. You need to search. You need to get comfortable with the idea of a long, hard night, a good book and a mild cup of tea in the winter. Ask the hard questions.

It's alright to miss someone, and to let that truth sting you. I miss people all the time - and I miss someone every day. I don't know if it'll change, and slowly, as I've felt the weight lessening, I've pushed on to different places. I've seen small victories. Little splinters of sun piercing through the wintercloud.

Life is a big, confusing, ugly, fuck-up of a mess. We compromise, and we tell ourselves we can get it right next time, and push on, and we shove off into the waters of the uncertain. We float our boats down the channels of contentment, and we are not even sure that we are where we need to be.

The grass on the other side of the future-fence stays lush and green, while we labour away in the here and now. The pain of the present tense.

But still, the beauty tries to talk to us, and we often don't let it. Adventure beckons and twitters from under the eaves of nightfall, and we close the window. We make our beds, and we sleep in them.

But in that sleep, we will build strength, and move towards a new horizon - a new zenith of potential and word-towers and songscapes.

We will reach the goal. We will find love.

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