Wednesday, March 04, 2015

The Croon Of Cuddy

There's something about the beginning of spring that makes me long for campfires, gatherings of friends, lingering/resonant chords and Jim Cuddy's voice drifting in the ether of the background. Blue Rodeo's older (and some newer catalogue) have this haunting attachment to season for me. It's the beginning of something special, and the movement to a new time that comes alive in his straight-ahead twang-cut melodies and his somber, relational lyrics.

I had the chance to interview him last year, and it was definitely one of my favourites to date. His answers were never what I expected, and he is obviously someone who puts a lot of thought into every response. As someone who has heard a lot of stock answers, it was nice to hear someone get so deep and honest and thoughtful in a phone interview. You can read the whole interview here - but there's a great snippet where he goes into detail about the band almost breaking up during the Five Days In July album (which is, without a doubt, one of BR's all-time greats).

May Cuddy croon you onward towards meadowlarks and lighter nights.

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