Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Blue Oblivion: The Farm (Chapter 2)

Chelsea, the outdoor border collie, barks away at nothing into the glacial, darkening eve. The cows and horses stay by the hay bails and gather for warmth. It's amazing to observe rugged animals who can withstand such extreme temperatures while us humans, who think we run the planet, are some of the most frail things going.

An afternoon fire roars and snaps as I enjoy another day at the farm and work on some long lost songs. The heat gets thrown around the room in thick pockets of creosote scented air.

I've begun to live with the quiet. I've let it in. It's a blanket.

We can't be sure of how anything will turn out. We try to make our bucket lists, and we rail against the past crimes we've endured, and all the while, the beauty is waiting to touch us - waiting to etch its way on to our notepads. Our voices are car horns that die in the wind.

But rail on, I do. I sing my songs and I keep moving - I jag, and I turn, and I do my best to evade the dark - but it comes for us all.

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