Monday, February 09, 2015

When The Sky Cracks Strange

Sometimes, the sky cracks strange, and the world feels slightly off its axis. The pavement we walk on seems uneven and even somewhat mushy. This is the experience of entering new terrain and discovering new lands.

I'll never forget a trip I took to Canmore last winter. It was one of the hardest, oddest and most picturesque trips I've ever taken. The walls of the mountains hemmed me in, and darkness struck at an unexpected hour every day. I walked across the balmy winter resort town, and searched for solace and peace, but I found little of it. It was one of those trips where it turned out to be the opposite of what you expected. People you had an idea about were not the people they seemed to be, and it was a week that seemed like an eternity.

Still - in that strange, cold and desolate mountain town, I found something. I found many things, in fact. Gems. Visitors and helpers were sent to my aid. A friend showed up from over 2 hours away and rescued me and took me to Calgary and gave me lodging. Another friend showed up for a few days visit, randomly, and was a calm sounding board for all that I was going through. A family took me in for a few days, and I was shown love and acceptance by them and their amazing and unique children. An old childhood friend took me out for burgers and it was like we had just hung out a few days ago - when in reality, it had been probably a decade. A new friend, who had been through a traumatic time, spent some time swimming with me and was able to unload some of his workings on me, and I was able to get outside of myself (we also tried to sneak into a Calgary Flames game, but no dice).

These things never would have happened if I had stayed home. Sure - there was tumult, but there was also treasure.

The visitors are waiting for you. You are cared for.

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