Sunday, February 08, 2015

The Speed Of The Rail

Hypersonic. Speed. Sight. Sound. The earth groans, and we try to listen. The dance happens all around us and most of the time, we are deaf to the otherworldly song that plays just beyond our reach.

I snapped the above photo on a quick trip to the Byward market last Thursday. At times, I feel like a bit of a ghost in this town where I grew up. The downtown core is an old neighbour that moved away - like most of my childhood friends. It's familiar but different somehow. They are not here, and I am still under their cascading shadows.

It's a good feeling to be restless - that shivery irk in the back of your mind that you have a lot of tasks to tackle, and not a lot of time to wrestle them off your lists. I am a man of projects, but for me, that's the fuel for my fire. Sometimes, I lie awake when I should be sleeping and my mind races like a jet engine on the runway of future dreams. I love the challenge. I love collaboration and learning from other people is a firing sparkplug in my engine. We are fucked if we think we know the best way to do something without properly consulting others.

If nothing else, I have left behind mementos of my work - a body of creative matter. And with any luck, I have much more to pump out.

I'm thankful for my friends, my family and the people who don't just praise my bullshit - I'm happy to have challengers in my life who push me onward and upward to higher heights.

Be you. You'll get there. We all will.

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