Wednesday, February 11, 2015

All The Woe In The World

At certain times in this life, there is a golden hour. It's a frozen parsec in time where the curtain is pulled back and we catch a brief glimpse of something beyond us. A cold sunset that cracks a tree line. Somebody smiling at you. A song that recalls a childhood memory. The smell of tar on the pavement that reminds you of burning your feet. The way wet leaves crackle and throw smoke off a fire. Most of the time, we don't time it out well - we are beckoned but we miss the whisper while we make weekend plans. 

There is so much evil going on all around us all the time, and it's unsettling. It's haunting. Cities are burning. Life ending weapons are as easy to get as a stick of butter. We blanket-judge people. We throw scary words like 'terrorism' and 'holy war' around like a throat-clear - as non chalantly as we would ask for a glass of water. And we think we know the answers. We don't agree that there is a Good behind all of this, but we sure as hell agree on the malevolent, shape shifting and unadulterated horror that surrounds us in our sleepy towns. 

If there was ever a time where people needed an escape pod - a hatch. We all need a tether to get away from the ship - even if only for a moment to survey the grand, gargantuan galaxy outside of our windows - and then to come back with new eyes. Refreshed. Renewed. Refined by fire. Ready to help, and ready to really scrub on the floors of other peoples problems. Ready to understand. 

I have no firm answers on any wizard behind a curtain - but I do know about love. And if that's a collective starting point, where we can all converge and then scatter down the forest path together - I think we will be okay. 

I think we are getting closer. 

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