Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mystical Tappets

The lion waits. He sees me through the reeds. He lurks but he lets me walk by.

We often run full throttle for the thing that we think we want, but when we get there, we can't quite remember why we were running in the first place.

This life is nonsensical. It's like the plotline of a thickly layered, madcap, children's fairy tale.

Good people go, bad people stay, and all the while, we all decay.

What separates you from a primate? What is that higher sense that allows you to glean at something just beyond your vantage point?

What the fuck is this hope that we hold on to?

Sometimes, we can all get lost. We wander down pathways that are darkly lit - far away from the sunny fields of raspberry patches and brambles that we once knew.

I remember vinyl table cloths on picnic tables and the first rain of spring.

I remember deep summer - under a tree with a sky full of stars and a belly full of stinging promise.

But those days are long gone. These days, I stray far from the past and I try to blow up the clock of the future and I swim in the ocean of now.

I remember kissing someone and looking to see if their eyes were open. The smell of hair. Soft skin.

I remember belonging to something meaningful.

But then again - it's always meaningful all the time...isn't it?

We just need to accept it, catalogue and move on to the next expedition.

Lions are waiting to be captured.

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