Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Turn The Corner

For many nights, you have to suffer. You have to push through the cobwebs and the nervousness and the inability to relax and the insufficiency to let yourself feel good about yourself.

You have to fight your inhibitions with the gloves off and let your stream of constant worries begin to quiet to more of a calming brook that flows by the banks of your life.

But then, a new day comes.

And the rose-coloured glasses are dawned over your tired eyes.

I'm lucky to have all that I have. A loving family, friends who actually care and ask the important questions and really listen, fellow adventurers who are ready to sail into the wake at any moment, music that inspires me to write volumes of terse prose, and enough money to pay the bills.

Beyond that - it's hard to really pine for anything else.

Summer is here and I am beginning to let the sun soak into my calloused skin.

I joined a few sports teams and I have to say - the thrill of exerting yourself to a fully tired point with some new and varied people is a great experience. You feel like you've been through something together - you feel like you've struggled and emerged from a mini-battle with a new horizon vision.

It's going to be alright. You just have to allow yourself to believe that deep and solace-heavy truth.

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