Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday's Gone
Today was a nothing day. I know that there are things about it that will
stick out in my cerebral passageway but it really felt like a feather in a
stack of bricks. Sometimes, life is mundane and uninteresting. Today
was that sort of day. I was supposed to have a music practice with
Dave Norris but that was called off due to a few people feeling
'buggy'. I went to a fairly uneventful board meeting for Ecclesiax which
was a nice departure...but still pretty low-key. Sarah and I got to spend
some time with Dan and Em which was fun (and filled with some sweet
Mario Kart action) but it still wasn't super-amazing or really that
noteworthy. The rains have hit now and the heat dropkick has
subsided into the wrestling floor of weather systems. Luca coughed up
an 8 inch long 3 inch wide hairball today. Our apartment is becoming
only boxes.

Ho-hum. Hum-drum. Twiddly-thumb. Bob for plums.

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