Friday, August 14, 2009

First Friday Not At Friday's
Kickin' it.
Today was my first friday not working at Friday's.
It feels weird.
I want it and I don't.
I love life and I despise the struggle to get from A to B.
I love the adventure and hate the routine.
I love the message but hate the preacher.
I am so many things.
I am three sheets to the wind.
I am a used up dixie cup.
I feel hot and pressured, unable to fully write.
I feel real.

In all things, I am mostly thankful.
No one can take You away from me.
Others try to break me down in filtered thoughts of psychobabble.
I know You're coming back.
I have talked with You on the mountain top and heard Your voice.
I have plumbed the depths, fearing I only dreamed you up.
I have cursed You but You only smiled back.
Why do I see things through this lens?
Why have you allowed the idiocy that is me to see you so clearly?
It makes no sense but I guess You are above sense.
And I dig that.
Because most of the time sense makes no sense.

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