Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Heat Dropkick #2
Once again, I awoke to a blazing sun. It seemed so far up in the
sky that it was hard to make out the actual shape of the light
beaming down as it jutted out in messy lines of brightness.
Sarah had already been awake for a bit as her spot beside me
on the bed was vacant. I looked at the clock - 11:30!! I can't
remember the last time I have slept in for that long but I
suppose the fact that tuesday is my day off makes it alright.
I trudged upon our cool, laminate hard-wood floors and made
some coffee. Seattle's best is really the best coffee I've ever
had. I think that's a line from a song, somewhere. This
morning felt a little cooler as I wasn't caked with sweat but
I still felt grossly irritable. We decided to clean a few areas
of our apartment that long deserved attention - under the
tv in the bedroom (an area filled with old Mudhoney cd's,
dust bunnies and defunct NES games) and in the living room/
sitting area. We went to task and noticed that cleaning in
an already hot apartment makes one hotter. I breathed in
dust and dead bugs. Sweat beaded on my brow. Afterwards,
I decided to wash some dishes. In an already heated state,
the mercury of my body temp rose as I put in some serious
elbow grease and sunlight power on a massive stack of
dishes. At 2 pm, I was still in my boxers and sweating like
an escaped pig. The shower beckoned. I slogged soap all
over myself and on the bottoms of my feet. I shampooed.
I exfoliated.

I am re-born.

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