Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tonight was a great night. The sun was just going down as James Street
took the field for one of the last games of the season. After a short burst
of runs from the opposing team (a really nice Italian team called 'The
Bada-Bings') in the top of the first, we slowly chipped away and levelled
out the score to 7-5 for the other team. In what was to be the final
inning (due to almost a complete absence of light), we put on an 8 run
rally and won the game 13-7. I almost hit a home run but it was snagged
at the fence, Neil hit for extra bases (opposite field, yet again) and
tinged one off the fence, Jon and Caleb were both on second base at the
same time but still hit and pitched in stellar form, Adam had some
solid cracks and awesome speed on the bases, Con-Swiz cranked
one deep and was robbed and fielded like a champ, Courtney played
awesome in the field and had some clutch hits, Jane was a great sub
for the night and took one off the shin for the team, Chrissy had some
clutch plays at the plate and hit well, Steve had some solid cranks and
biked like a hero to get to the game on time and we all came out
victorious. We shook hands with the Italians and huddled up for a
final cheer that rang through the night: 'WINNING STREAK!'

What a way to go out.

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