Friday, January 16, 2015

The Lights Of The Town

The lights of the town went down
In some county line can that's kicked around
The drunk, he pulled his face from the gravel
And didn't know how his life had unraveled
"Old wooden telephone poles
Lead the way into a forest of souls
The city, it makes too much noise
Full of neon monstrosity toys
Everyone needs to get away
To discover the truths in a day"
He bellowed these words in the air
As if answering an invisible dare
He thought about finding higher ground
But he just chugged his last swigs and lay down

The lights of the town went down
On a mid-lifed, no-jobbed sad clown
He lay on his back, head askew
And these words, to the galaxy he threw
"If I lived to see one more day,
I would have never let her get away."
He wiped the dried blood from his chin
And hoped he could sleep out the sin

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