Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mar Del Zur

Sometimes, I dream about an old world where there were still so many undiscovered, rugged lands. The map was still unwritten and no one knew what gems lay ahead of every seafaring adventure. 

In our modern, breakneck world, it can sometimes feel like the mystery is gone. Everyone has a pent up desire to pull back the curtain and see the wizard. There are very few secrets. Technology creeps into every corner of our existence, and we wilt and let it happen. We see the rest of the world acting a certain way, and we fall in line and keep up. 

I think the modern trailblazers are the ones who are not afraid to be lost. They are okay with a dark forest, winding path, and they understand that the anxiety and excitement are both part of the adventure. There are always people to ask. There is always a compass. There are landmarks. But we settle for the digital pinprick of a GPS and let the rightness of those ones and zeroes calm our nerves. 

Sometimes, it's okay to be lost. We will all find our way through it. 

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