Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pal Profiles: Breakfast With Brad And Kathy

I'm starting to learn, with a lot of lamenting and head-nodding "I know" moments, that community plays a bigger part in your life than you realize. Even if you're not a social person, who lives for the butterfly moments of multiple conversations and the energy that people create, you need to take stock of those you surround yourself with.

Kemptville, Ontario used to be nothing more than a 'why would I stop there' highway marker on the road map of my life. And to me, it represents the shapeless, jelly-like blob of our lives - as it can take many forms and be augmented in ways that you never imagined. 

On a late Sunday start, after a busy night at the Branch, I had the chance to sit by a sunlit table with two of my friends - Brad and Kathy - and share some homemade bacon, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit and a cornucopia of breakfasty delights. Brad is a music dude, and has one of the sharpest and driest wits imaginable, but he is one of the most caring, sincere folks going. We often end up talking for hours on end about our shared love of standup comedy, podcasts and pop-song construction. Kathy is one of the coolest people around, and her smile lights up any room, as she has a way of welcoming you that makes you feel like you are the most important person on the planet.

As we all slowly woke up with some coffee and food, and their dogs Rufus and Maui sat near us, Brad told a story about Kathy's dad that involved a joke about Bavarians and cows (it may sound sexual, but it really wasn't). The joke wasn't really that important, but Brad explained how this lovely man could barely get the joke out of his mouth because he was absolutely gutting himself with stop-short laughter way before the punchline. The wry detail of the story made Kathy and I feel like we were right there when it happened, and we all howled at the silliness of that moment - of a man being so laughter-consumed by something so silly that it overtook his ability to get the words out.

But what I truly love about B and K is that they always have time to listen to their friends and talk about the reality of changes, and some of the hardships that most superficial folks won't ask about. They were asking me questions about my well-worn life and some of the things I've learned, and some of the hard truths I've trudged through. They always have a way of making me feel like I'm looked after. In a time where I haven't had many constant life-guides, Brad and Kathy have been kind to me. They have taken me in when I needed a bed, they have fed me, and they have always made me feel welcome (even when I'm sure they were tired and could have easily shook their heads and said 'Ugh - not that Matt bastard AGAIN!').

As we ate and laughed and listened together, I looked at them realized how much I've come to appreciate these two unique individuals, and how I hope to be a part of their lives for many moons to come.

I always felt that when I lived in Cobourg and all around the GTA corridor, I never felt like I found my people. My folks. My crew.

I'm a part of something - something that I'm helping to build with many others - and I'm thankful that I'm finally starting to see some of the pieces come together. 

Go find the good people. They are out there.

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