Saturday, January 24, 2015

Lake Thunder Part Trois

We bolted down the steps with board and tarps and nails. I carried the homemade, ramshackle gutted, propane-tank pot belly stove and Joel brought the needed tools. We were hurrying, but we didn't know why. Daylight burned around us and a mild January day became witch-like on the open lake.

We were back in the shack-like thing that we built - our escape pod.

I brought my skates, and I laced them up quickly, as I sipped a half chunk-frozen Old Style Pilly from the can. Joel stoked the fire.

I pushed across a few patches of crusted bumps and snow humps, and found a half decent piece of glass to dance on. I pumped each leg and watched the shore move as the ice was cut by my blades. I made marks no one had made before, and in the exact same spot that I was swimming in 5 months ago.

Tila the dog stayed warm in the shack. Joel and I made dumb videos with our phones and made ourselves laugh about all things childish as I skated to and fro.

I stopped for a second, and took another pull from the Pilly in the middle of the lake, and I soaked in the dusklight moment. I marvelled at nature and her glory, and I felt connected to that dark frozen, glassy mass beneath my feet.

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