Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Time Code

It feels like this summer never really had a starting point. All of a
sudden, it's just fully here. It is thrust upon us. The heat. The allergens.
The humidity. All of it.

In the movie Strange Brew (which consumed many a friday night
in my teens), a lab geek talks with Brewmeister Smith about time-
coding certain security cameras so as to keep things strict and
easily documented. I wish there was a time-code on life so that
we could have perfect recall of the moments we want and a throw-
away system for the ones we could do without.

But we get it all.

I've been hiding in Port Hope a bit. Hiding out. Ducking the pressure.
Saving gas money. Saving my lack of money. Playing Sega Genesis.
The weeks rotate through like dreams that you barely remember.
Nothing really noteworthy - just flecks on a screen with a lot of
colours and high pitched sounds.

I've been dreaming a lot but barely remembering what they entail.

There's a reason for that.

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