Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Cyclical Ravings

Sometimes I go through stages in life where I feel like I'm feeling the same
things I felt a few years (or even a few months) ago.

I feel stuck and I'm somewhat pissed about the situation. If you are faint
of heart and can't take a strong serving of truth tea, then please don't
read on. If you can stomach the bitter bite of the truth leaf once it is
fully steeped, then please continue.

I haven't had a real job for almost 2 years. Yeah - I run a booking business
for bands but I hate it. Actually, that's incorrect - I loathe it. I despise
being a go-between for retarded artists and cracked-out venue owners.
I hate the deservist and expectant attitudes that artists have about playing
live music - but on an equal, and maybe slightly more elevated level, I
can't stand the phony 'promise-of-fame' venue owners who think that they
have carved out a little slice of power and then wield that power like an
a-bomb over every struggling artists head.

You think Canada is a great place to get your music out there? Think
again. I've never seen more of a powerplay than I have in the words of
slimy venue owners and bookers who have kicked many an artist (including
Graven) to the curb while letting their friends play shitty shows over and
over again. The care for up-and-comers is fading fast. No one knows
what the hell they are doing in this business. Everyone is a copycat.
Everyone acts so tough while cowering underneath.

If you run a venue or a bar or a nightclub or a music lounge or a theatre,
you are god incarnate. You are accountable to no one and you believe
in nothing but the power of your own revenue stream.

Even worse than the monolthically terrbile actions of the venue owners,
though, is that the artists, instead of getting inventive, go home, sulk
and drink the night away because they 'failed again' and dream harder
and stronger until someone bails them out.

I'm tired of the whole scene.

I love making music but I hate the stage and I hate the characters.

I despise the game.

More to come.

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