Thursday, June 02, 2011

Green And Clean

It feels good to get caught up on blogging. It is somewhat
of a labour of love but it is also a menial chore that helps me
to stay organized and focused. Unfortunately, I have realized that
I am a writer who needs clarity in my mind and in my life to
properly dictate my thoughts. When I write in the messy times, I
scatter. My words spray out in stinging pellets from the shotgun
shell of my brain. When I write in the clean times, I can focus. I
take aim with a 40 cal of diction and hit the bullseye of a thesis.

I'm feeling clean today.

Although I am relatively unclean and unshowered, I feel like my
thoughts are my own and no one else's today. I spent the night with
my cousins in Toronto after watching a series of documentaries
about green schools in Toronto. My cousin Ben has been working
with a company called Ecospark and he actually helped 5 teams
of students from 5 different schools produce and edit their
documentaries. Various schools in the Toronto region are now
implementing strategies that allow the schools to use green
energy and track their waste and usage. Each documentary
showcased specific interests and needs within the schools but all
of them sparked thought.

It was pretty inspiring to see students in grade 11 and 12 who were
actually geared up about the environment. Most of them seemed
genuinely interested in making Toronto a better and cleaner place
by starting right in their schools. 

Now don't get me wrong - I have little patience for the bleeding
heart leftist Green movement as it's become a trendy wagon for
folks to jump on. But to see our future leaders, especially in such a
sprawling city, taking a genuine interest in cutting down waste,
monitoring power usage and even installing solar panels was a
refreshing, hands-on epiphany.  

Ben and I rode the streetcar home and felt a little lighter. Various
Wednesday night drunkards and wasteoids boarded the Dundas
car as the sultry evening air gushed in through the windows. I felt
clean. I felt hopeful.

I'm still feeling clean.

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