Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Sometimes in life, despite all of the monstrous shit and horrendous
acts that engulf us and our fellow comrades on this planet, you have
to step back and say 'fuck it' and relish the notion of being alive.

We live in a cynical, cold world that is full of depressed people
(some of whom don't even know they are depressed) who rely
on medications, hallucinogens and altered states to get them
from point A to point B. We stew. We brood. We whine. We pose.
We fail.

When we do ever really have exactly what we want?


I want to scream it from the highest peak. I want to move past the
self-focused bullshit and just live. I want to breathe. I want to
run. I want to sound my barbaric yawp tonight by the fireside.

Cynical and hyper-critical thought run rampant in our society and
stifle out goofy creativity and the ability to relax and just laugh.
When did everyone get so damned serious?

I thought about being exactly where I was by the fire tonight. I
thought about my friends. I thought about my family. I thought
about 34 years of fun, sun and a band on the run. I thought about
night drives, blasting my favourite music and getting past the
whiny, hipstery 'Unh - it's not their best album' guise.

I thought about the words of Conan.

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