Saturday, June 18, 2011

Barely Kingstonian

Today was a day of reckoning - a day of taking stock. Lately, I've
been living a theme of appreciation and I got the chance today to
appreciate a city that I've spent many hours of my life within -
Kingston. And I had the chance to do it with someone who has
become a good friend to me.

Kingston will always be one of those enchanted cities for me.
Though it definitely has its very dirty and dilapidated sections, it
is like a second home. For many a summer season, Kingston was
the closest 'real' city to a summer camp that I grew up within.
It's hard to believe how much time has passed since those listless
teenage days of spending hard-earned, blood & sweat camp money
on t-shirts, video games and movies with no remorse or fortitude.

Today, I met up with a good Kingston friend - Taylor. Taylor is one of
those guys who is a serious hippie-looking dude (I think he could
grow a full, thick beard at 15) but who also has a childlike spirit of
amazement and wonder at the things around him. Oddly enough,
if it wasn't for the aforementioned camp, I don't think we would
have ever become good friends. Even though I am more than a
decade older than Taylor, we get along and pass time together
well as we are both deeply into music, writing and philosophical

We've been through some serious times of conversation and
pondering over the past few years - and some epic moments of
side-cramping silliness. He's been great to have on the wing.

Sometimes, life throws us good friends in the form of folks we
would have never expected. Tay Tay has been a welcome

God bless friends. God bless Kingston. My city by the lake.

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