Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Goals Pushing To An Objective
Wow. I'm noticing now that this picture I chose is giving a fair view
of the above runner's crotch.

Sarah and I went for a run tonight in our new neighbourhood. We
met some foxes on the way home. There was a group of 3 of them.
We thought, at first, that they were possibly just ugly dogs that
people on the campus of the school owned - but such was not the
case. They were white-tailed foxes. We were kinda scared. As soon
as they saw us, though, they bolted.

In life, and in order to combat depression of any kind (especially
when you are newly unemployed like me), you have to set goals
and set out to achieve them on a daily basis. Even if your goal
for the day is to clean the kitchen - write it down. Undertake the
task and get it done. It sounds unbelievably lame when you
describe the psychology of it but it gives you satisfaction and a
sense of achievement in the happenings of your daily routine.

Make a list of all the things you want in life and then spend the next
20 years slowly obtaining those things.

It's September? Oh man.

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