Saturday, June 13, 2009

One Band To Rule Them All

'I saw your the early days'

Let's face facts, here. No popular hard rock/metal/thunderously
creative band has rocked as much arse as the Pumpkins have in
the past decade. They pioneered down a trail that was somewhat
already forged (bringing out sounds of their influences 'My 
Bloody Valentine') but they have done their share of machete
wielding/hacking along the way through the overgrown thicket
of the industry.

Billy Corgan became a bit of a diva - I'll give you that - but you
also have to wrestle the fact that as Joel Plaskett says 'when you
become famous, you basically sorta become fu*ked'. I think fame
did a number on old Billy and he was someone who started down
that road with a lot of baggage beforehand. 

Their last album was nothing ultra-spectacular - but it was a 
step out of the deep, dark woods to say 'hello'.

They are back...and apparently making some new stuff soon.

Of course, they won't be the same without James Iha and D'arcy,
but Jimmy and Billy will bring it.

I don't know if I've ever written this publicly, but if I were to die
soon, I would want the song 'Muzzle' played on an amazing sound
system at my service. 

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