Sunday, June 07, 2009

Funny How...

I find it humourous how folks comment when you ask them to,
but then when you don't ask, it's almost an assumption that
you don't need comments.

Well understand this - I ALWAYS want comments.
Otherwise, it's like me talking to myself. I can do that in
the shower. I love the forum where ideas can be exchanged
and new horizons of understanding can be reached through
the help of others. Sometimes, I'm slow to catch on (and I
tend to think I know it all), but deep down, I love the

A friend of mine stopped blogging a while back because he
felt like he was blogging for an audience. a way, you
are...because anyone and everyone can read your blog. There
is no security. This is not an SSL form.

It's naive to think you're not being watched.

Big brother is still out there...he just takes a lot of different
shapes, these days.


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