Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm Sick Of These Dolphins...
Steve Zissou makes yet another guest appearance on my blog.
Today, I'm just sort of fed up. I'm sick of everything. I'm sick
of blogging. I'm sick of feeling like there is a medicine ball
inside my head made up of phlegm and disaster. Out with it!

I want to lodge my head into a vat of steam. I may even try
eating a clove of garlic. The x-factor about all of this that is
extra flummoxing is that I never get sick. It's really annoying
to feel normal. And yet, my sickness is so small compared to
some of the great ills of this world and at least I live in a
country where I can have access to a number of drugs that
will speed up my immune system. Still, though - I complain.
Complaining is easy.

Does complaining have its root within people who have an
overabundance and are never happy? Who lodged the first
legal complaint? Why do we whine so much as humans? I'm
sick of myself. Shut up!

We'll see if I live to survive the weekend upcoming. I'm
heading to Montreal for a Graven practice and to hopefully
connect with some old friends. First, though, I have to work
all day today and then tonight at the bar and again friday
night. Awesome. Complain.

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