Monday, January 19, 2009

Soul Junk
Sometimes we all need a day or two to clean out the pipes,
put 'er into neutral and just chill the feck out. Whether
it's a cycle of eating too much meat (guilty), staying up
too late or drinking too much beer, it is important to
break away and cleanse from time to time. I think it's
in those moments that we see the clearest as the storm
has subsided and a new day is coming. I used to have
this spot I would go to at Camp IAWAH where I could
think clearly and connect with the Good Maker.
Sometimes I needed to shut up and listen but other
times, I needed to vent and get things out. When I was
inhabiting that place, though, that's all I would do.

I cleansed.

No video games. No internet. No cell phone. No bank
account. No shopping malls. No coffee shops. No
debt consolidation. No car payment. No traffic.

It was me and Pure nature in its truest form and

It's the start of a new week and hopefully the dawn
of a new outlook. Sometimes, I don't do so well at being
an adult. Sometimes I just want to be a kid. Reality,
though, is much like Morgan Freeman's depiction of
of geology in Shawshank; 'a study of time and pressure'.
Time and pressure continue to build in every waking
hour and I am one step closer to the end of my life in
each breath I draw. When it's all said and done, will
I have made even a slight difference? Will I make it
count? Will people have seen Good in me? In the
way I loved my wife? In the way I connected with

Time will only tell.

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