Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Play The Hard Card

We never know what we are going to get. We trudge on, we hit the hill, and we rustle our gunny sacks tighter to our shoulders and backs. Recently, it's become obvious that yet another career change is going to happen in my life. As to what exact shape that will shift into - I am not sure. This one will come with a tiny bit of financial security attached - so that's. But it's not the end-all.

But I am going to say this - I'm tired of the narcissistic non-apologizers male dudes I keep coming across who are so fucking emotionally unevolved that they can't even tell you why they feel the way they do at any given moment. Usually, this becomes evident in a welling-up exchange where said male can't even address an issue because they are an emotional clusterfuck of misplaced rage and deeply closeted sadness.

It's hard for me to open this blog sometimes. I want to write words, and then I think about an audience, or I get a creative streak and then whoosh - an hour passes. Or when I have downtime, I think about watching something funny. Something will help me to get a release and emote something.

But I do need to crack on. This life is the only one we get and if that means drinking coffee at night to get shit done, so fucking be it. Let us get shit done.

Play the hard card.

The deck doesn't lie.

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