Saturday, May 30, 2009

(originally written in the car, on the way back from St Augustine, 
Florida, May 15th, 2009 - transposed May 30th, 2009)


HOLA faithful friends and voyeuristic BlogTravellers! Being completely
offline for a week was a treasure and a pearl on the ocean floor of my
life. But first, before I get to the text of all things Southern, and after
I perform a quick pen switch, I want to relay a top ten list as top ten
lists are just so 'rad' and 'kitchy'.


10. Communal Fireside Contemplation
9. Throwing a softball around for hours with Owen and Landon
while having my feet submerged in The Atlantic.
8. Purchasing 'Microserfs' by Douglas Coupland at a run-down
thrift shop for $1.00 and nearly reading it all in 3 days.
7. Ball Park Franks
6. Publix (obviously pronounced 'Pube-Licks')
5. Freshly brewed bodum coffee to start each day at the 
4. Date drinks with Sarah at the Mill Top Tavern
3. Swisher Sweets
2. Spending a rainy day at a Pizza Hut and a movie theatre 
(where we 'payed' for Wolverine but 'stayed' for Star Trek)
1. The Ocean

North Carolina's endless cedars line my way back to the real world.
Although this trip wasn't anything ultra-galactic, I feel as though I am
Jean Grey becoming The Phoenix. I am re-emerging differently. I'm
not the same. And, to be totally honest, I can't really pinpoint the
reason for the change. There is no solitary event that specifically
protrudes like a plastic mountain on a relief map. The trip itself has
been representative - symbolic.

(I'm writing this in the car, by the way. 'Picture of Jesus' by Ben
Harper is playing.)

Sarah is pedal-down and has been as such for two full gas tanks now.
She is devoted. Landon and Owen are getting a little restless and
are...(end transmission).

I think I was about to write about Owen and Landon wanting to
get back to Ottawa to pursue life-like endeavours. The more I think
about that trip, the more I realize that it sort of got 
compartmentalized - I shoved it down into my bag of life experience
and kept moving forward into the psychosis of daily schedules.
It's good to take a few minutes and unpack it.

It was a great trip - but I think it might be time for Sarah and I
to venture to a new place. We have made the St. Augustine trek
four times now. It's time to seek out new destinations. The world 
has many and I have seen so few.

The big day of June 3rd approaches and all lasers, cannons and 
motherboards point in that direction. 

Sleep beckons me like a distant meadowlark on the telephone
wires of some Lanark County Summer highway.

I shall heed her call.

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