Monday, April 06, 2015

Storm Shelter

Sometimes, we can't keep up. The thoughts come and we feel certain and strange feelings, and we are not sure why or how to even file them away properly. The cabinets of our emotions are overstuffed and spilling on to the already crowded floors of our minds. The sky cracks strange, and we shrug at the unexpected shift of the tectonic plates of our beings.

I've sensed that many of my friends and family are going through some rough patches right now. There is something about this spring that is causing some tension and toil and grief. For some, it's strange and unexpected loss. For others, it's a lack of courage and that insistent, tiny, degrading and wimpy voice that tells you to not take the courageous, adventurous step towards a new path.

For some, it's the precipice of strange times and not quite being in a battle - but being on the edge of one, and possibly emerging into something great.

That all may be true, and it may all be bullshit, but know this:

You are good enough - just how you are. Anything good or worthwhile in this life takes work.

You will get there, and you are loved.

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